LOG CABIN 19 (COTTAGE) 1665 SQF - 155 M2

The package price depends on manufacturing technology and diameter of logs.

From CAD 1

Depending on your needs we can offer several types of logs and packages.
Choose the best option for you.

Package contents:

Option \ Package Basic Extended Premium Lux
Wall system
Perimeter walls, spruce yes yes yes yes
Interior walls yes yes yes yes
Square log posts yes yes yes yes
Settling Jacks for Posts yes yes yes yes
Floor system
Main floor joists - yes yes yes
Loft joists (if applicable) - yes yes yes
Metal brackets for loft beams - yes yes yes
Floor Covering - - yes -
Premium floor covering - - - yes
Roof system
Rafters - yes yes yes
Roof Battens - yes yes yes
Metal roofing set - - yes -
Shinglas roofing set - - - yes
Windows and doors
Windows - - - yes
Exterior Doors - - - yes
Interior Doors - - - yes
Gable ends
Gable ends - - - yes

Square logs - easier to assemble, no crane(or loader) is needed. Mostly no settling process. Kiln dried.