Glue laminated timber

      Glue laminated timber is considered the most high-tech building material made of wood. Previously, Glue laminated timber was used only in the production of load-bearing structures and beams, but ARKLOG uses glued beams for the production of wall sets at affordable prices.
      The main advantages of Glue laminated timber:
  • You can build walls without joints up to 12 meters long
  • Glue laminated timber walls do not require interior and exterior decoration
  • cracks do not form with humidity changes on the Glue laminated timber
  • A house that is made of Glue laminated timber does not have much shrinkage and you can immediately install window and doors.
  • Fast wall assembly time thanks to the precut T&G profile
  • Glue laminated timber can be assembled in wintertime.
      When it comes to building materials, it is important to comply with quality building code standards - national and international. Glue laminated timber meets all the building codes, national and international
      We guarantee that you will receive all these advantages with ARKLOG:
  • there are no components and substances that provoke a risk to health and the environment. In terms of environmental friendliness, Glue laminated timber logs are in no way inferior to natural wood;
  • aesthetic appearance is maintained throughout the entire life cycle. Spruce and other conifers used for the manufacture of Glue laminated timber logs have an attractive texture.
  • During the production, material with defects will get discarded;
  • The beam has the strength class S10, S13, for durable and reliable construction.
  • Glue laminated timber logs strictly comply with the requirements of DIN1052-1 / A1, structural elements are ideally matched to each other. (heat and noise insulation, durability, dimensional accuracy);
  • the moisture content of wood for the manufacture of timber does not exceed 12%. At the same time, the building does not dry out, is reliably protected from external factors: temperature extremes, dust, pathogenic microflora.