ARKLOG homes is a company that designs, manufactures and supplies DIY kits for log homes, cabins, cottages made of Kiln Dried Square Logs and Glue laminated timber in North America and Europe. We also offer Kiln Dried and glue-laminated wall material for sale.
      Among our projects you will find both small "cabins" and motel complexes with a footprint of ​​more than 7500 sqf.
      We are ready to make any kits for your project. If you have any drawings / drafts please forward these to us and our engineering team will analyze it and will prepare a price for you.
      Our engineers and architects will follow the stricked guidelines of building codes and rules.
      We also incorporate the latest technologies in the construction of wooden houses.
      Our homes are supplied as DIY kits. Each project comes with assembly drawings.
      Each log has a number that corresponds with the number on the drawings. This will allow you to assemble your project with confidence. Which is especially convenient when you need to erect your project in a remote location or in another state. At the factory we prepare all the necessary building materials and details. This gets delivered to the construction site. At your request you can install your project or we can bring in a crew and build it for you. Or we can do it together.
      We only use high-quality wood harvested in the winter time to produce our logs. This material is quite dense, less susceptible to disease and more resistant to temperature changes.
      We only use Kiln Dried Square Logs and Glue laminated timber as wall material for the construction of our houses,. The drying process is carried out in drying chambers under a computer controlled environment.
      We offer several log options for our walls. Some of them are suitable for 3 seasons, others for year-round use.
      You can check the options of wall materials on the page - Portfolio